Thursday, August 11, 2011

Which Greek Grammars do I use? and why?

I prefer the Grammar written by Greeks for Greeks, Διονυσίου Θρακὸς and Θεοδοσίου.  Both have extensive commentaries, written during the antiquity, and there are available in the web.  Most of them are 100% available.  I like to base all on Dionysius Thrax, or Dionisios - since his name is Hellenic and not Latin.  I understood the Greek grammar when I read Theodosius - Theodosios from now on.
Many of those who wrote comments made good points, but I like to stay on his text.

I will publish his text in Greece this year.  In my discussions here I will use this text.
Already you can find a video where I read the comment on the meaning of Hellenism and Barbarism in the language.
I will give the text as I will discuss it.

I do not like post 1453 grammars because they bring the Latin influence into the Greek thinking.
These are the books I used, and I suggest you to read at some point of your life.


Robert Henry Robins - 1993 - 278 pages

Evangelinus Apostolides Sophocles - 1867 - 322 pages

A. N. Jannaris - 1897 - 737 pages

W. Keith Percival - 2004 - 342 pages

C. N. Constantinides - 1982 - 222 pages

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